I love using my photography to document places and things… That’s what I feel like I’m doing with my photos and Toronto… although I was born in Thunder Bay (up north in Ontario)… I have now lived in Toronto longer than I lived anywhere else and I have really made it my home…

I do photograph outside of Toronto sometimes, but when I was 17, I stopped in Toronto for a one night lay over on my way to visit a friend… wow… I was hooked… I remember thinking… I need to come and live in this city… experience this everyday… it was a great dream… at 19 it came true… I came to go to college and the rest is history as they say. 

I love seeing people recognize the parts of their city that means something to them… it gives it an energy, and then they can also see it through my eyes… I have the experience of taking the photo, which I am always happy to share, but when I am lucky I get to hear about their experience and it makes that photo larger for me… fuller… some photos have given me so much, I feel fortunate for having taken them

You can find Lorie at one of the many shows she does throughout the year in the Toronto area or hanging out at The Arts Market in Leslieville where she has enjoyed space there for the last 3 years.